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Very nice.

Real beautiful. It's true that it would benifit from some additional time spent on the fluidity of the animation, at least, it would also be something beautiful if it was more animated and less of a simple succession of images. Still, it's a beautiful sucession of images, as I said, and there's something to the stillness of the objects and characters in each frame that make it seam as though we are only being allowed glimpses into forzen moments. Working within constraints tends to produce good things. These sorts of excercises are excellent. Thanks.

real good.

Well done, very enjoyable.
It's rather absurd to cast this totalitarian dystopia in terms of republicans and democrats. If its not a joke, then it indicates a profound misunderstanding of the state of things.


Very nice animation! So ver good! But...
Its no more than an example of your skills. It doesn't entertain beyond showing your ability to depict motion. That would be fine and good if you were applying for a job, but your contributing to a community that expects an entertaining, FINISHED work. Granted, anything you worked on till completion would be well beyond the standards of most NG movies, WELL BEYOND, but, still, some sort of story, if only a ten second one, would add immense value to your animation.




So many bufoons offering opions...
SPECTACULAR. Excellent story telling.

Hell yeah little prince!

Bueatifull! Thank you. I think I tried-in that heart.... havn't found a replacement yet.

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BlackmarketKraig responds:


Thanks for pointing that out. I just remembered the Little Prince from when I was a kid because of your comment. I guess it seeped into my brain and came out as that picture I drew and put in the preloader. :D Haha!

Thanks for reviewing. You can have my heart if you want. It creates more problems than it solves though.



The best animation i've seen on a flash cartoon yet; elegent narration, clear, precise, well paced. And the music was great. Now to watch "step 2!"

thank you.


Virgilcomic responds:

You're welcome


very entertaining. Thank you.

Cheesy indeed

nevertheless, good. I am very pleased to see flash coming out that expresses more than base urges. Love/heartbreak is inherently cheesy; i've never heard of a love story that was able to transcend the cheese save through tragedy, and your tale is far from tragic; more like a heartbroken tragedy (according to my reading of the pictograms any how). Thank you.

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